A lot of you have been mailing me wondering where is Part 2 (and 3). I apologize for not updating my Newgrounds lately, but i haven't called quits on the series. Part 2's demo is still in the works however. Its going to have ALOT of updated things in it.

Right now, my fucks i give about the space is minimal, but I want it to be better than the first! :D

If you want to see more updated updates, PLEASE go to this link.

Yes, this link to my Furaffinity Account!

Heres all of the progress info I've gotten from my current journal from FA. Once all of these are done, you've got yourself a demo!

080% - Fully place mary into the game (Fire and Water Hiro is completed in art, but need to be programmed in the game.)
040% - Finish coding fire hiro into the game (Fire Hiro is next to be programmed. Running into minor difficulties)
000% - Finish coding water hiro into the game (Unique concept not figured out. To be worked on after Fire Hiro's coding)
070% - Add Sound in the Game (Special needs sound)
000% - add/code a disable music button (Not worked on it)
020% - add a help section (To be worked on after all Mary's positions have been completed)
000% - place Mary's introduction and ending cutscene into the game (Requires all of Mary's positions placed in game)
050% - The Hidden Easter Egg Cutscene (Completed, but not placed in game)
050% - The Hidden Ending (Completed, but not placed in the game)
050% - The Special Easter Egg (Extremely unique)
000% - add the demo exclusive easter egg into the game

Sol-R Girls Part 2 Demo Coming out Soon